Self-managed super funds

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An important part of our philosophy is to not only make sure your business increases profits and value but also ensuring you have a link between your business and your future… whether that link be a Self-Managed Super Fund or otherwise. 

That’s our defining difference, we specialise in making the “now” give you a better “future”. A holistic approach is achieved when business advice is considered in the context of your future. Because of the multiplier effect of money, the sooner you start this process, the better.

 The power of two

Most business owners consider their business as the only retirement strategy. Why stop there? Consider the wealth of your business coupled with the value of your super fund for greater income during retirement. Further, the combination of the two work particularly well when utilising the capital gains tax exemptions available on the sale of your business by depositing the gains into your super fund.

Apart from the usual investments that super funds can make, a Self-Managed Super Fund has the ability to invest directly in commercial or residential property. Self-Managed Super Funds can also borrow funds to buy investments. Loan repayments are funded by investment income and super contributions.

At the very minimum, a self-managed super fund, by definition, provides more investment transparency compared to other options. It also offers more control over the fund's investments. That is, the super fund can invest in assets you know and understand giving you the flexibility to decide on investments that are right for you. As a small business owner, that could help you align your business goals with your retirement assets. For example, for small business owners that operate from a shop, factory, studio or office, a Self-Managed Super Fund can own the premises and your business would pay rent to the Self-Managed Super Fund. It's kind of like paying rent to your 'future-self'. If appropriate in your circumstances, a Self-Managed Super Fund can help you save for the future in a tax effective way and property holdings are protected from business creditors.

Self-Managed Super Fund benefits in a nutshell


If you currently have super savings with more than one super fund, your annual management fees are multiplied. By combining all your super fund balances into a single fund, such as a Self-Managed Super Fund, you can reduce your annual fees. If you introduce your spouse (or other family members) into that Self-Managed Super Fund, the management fee savings and investment purchasing power multiplies. A Self-Managed Super Fund can have a single member or up to four members. 

Investment choice

You choose where to invest your money. This benefit becomes substantial where you invest in a property that your business can occupy. The Self-Managed Super Fund will have a tenant it can trust to look after the property! 


As you are in control you can respond quickly to changed super rules, market conditions or personal circumstances. 


You know and understand what your fund has invested in.


With consolidated and multiple member Self-Managed Super Funds, the ongoing administrative costs can largely be fixed despite increasing investment values, unlike other funds that charge a percentage fee based on the value of the fund. For example, our fee to assist a fund with $250,000 in investments will be much the same as a fund with $2,500,000 in investments.  


Self-Managed Super Funds benefit from concessional tax rates. While the fund is accumulating its investments, its investment income is capped at 15%. It gets even better when the fund goes into pension mode.
It’s understandable how most business owners think that a Self-Managed Super Fund is complex thing that is beyond them. Don’t forget that getting into your business was daunting, but with help from your accountant you got it off the ground and now it ticks over. A Self-Managed Super Fund can be the same. Once you understand what it is, how it works, what you need to do and that you will have assistance from us, it doesn’t need to be difficult. 

Simply put, a Self-Managed Super Fund a structure that allows its members to invest and save toward their eventual retirement. Once the members go into full or semi-retirement, the Self-Managed Super Fund will have 
monies in an extremely tax effective manner that will allow you to live during your retirement. A Self-Managed Super Fund in pension phase will have no tax payable, not even capital gains tax. The main difference between a Self-Managed Super Fund and other super funds is that the members are also the decision makers of the fund. 

Once established, Self-Managed Super Fund opens a bank account then receives rollovers, super contributions and investment income, such and rent, dividends and interest and invests that money.

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds made easy for you

Our Self-Managed Super Fund services include: 
  • Establishment of a Self-Managed Super Fund
  • Guidance on the regulatory framework controlling Self-Managed Super Funds 
  • Attend to the Self-Managed Super Fund’s annual obligations including financial statements, members statements, investment reports, tax return, preparation of annual minutes, establishment and maintaining a capital gains tax register and liaising with the ATO where required in our capacity as your tax agent 
  • Coordinate annual audit - we liaise with the auditors so you don’t have to anything 
  • In the very limited circumstances where the Self-Managed Super Fund is registered for GST (for example because it has a commercial property receiving rent above a certain threshold), we can prepare the documentation and lodge the regular GST returns with the ATO.
  • Coordinate investment and retirement advice. We are not financial planners and do not provide investment advice. We are highly experienced in the area of superannuation and can provide detailed technical advice in all areas of superannuation and tax. We organise a trusted financial advisor to assist you. This has a huge benefit since besides us, you gain the advice of an additional professional.
  • Coordinate updates to Self-Managed Super Fund, if and when required. 

A Self-Managed Super Fund need not be daunting. Our service is designed to help you every step of the way so all you need to do is decide your investment. Our service is particularly friendly to time-poor business owners and investors. 

The costs of running your Self-Managed Super Fund are known and can be capped unlike other super funds where costs are based on a percentage of your super balance. A Self-Managed Super Fund cost base becomes particularly beneficial where there is more than one member, for example, “Mum and Dad” business owners.  

If you are interested in our self-managed super fund services, complete the form on the Contact Us page.

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